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Residence 'Mondriaan' is located on the Jean-Baptiste de Gellincklaan, at the edge of the centre of St-Denijs-Westrem. The project is situated between an existing residential project and a few single-family houses, at the back the project looks out onto a protected green zone.

The residence consists of 2 larger residential volumes Mondriaan I & Mondriaan II, each with a commercial space on the ground floor and a communal underground car park. Together, both residential volumes comprise 41 flats, 2 ground floor commercial spaces, 46 underground parking spaces and 29 ground floor parking spaces. In the parking garage there is additional space for 132 bicycle parking spaces, 41 private storage spaces and the necessary meter rooms.

The garden zone behind the buildings will be laid out as a transition to the protected green zone behind.

masonry bandages

The versatile brick.

masonry bandages

He is probably 7000 years old and today he is hipper than ever: the brick. At Rietveld, too, the ancient material is being stacked up today to create top architecture. Whether curved, scraped or stepped, the architectural possibilities are endless thanks to a zippered masonry bandage and continue to amaze. Different ways in which bricks are built bring with them different motifs and therefore also visual variations. We take you along a few realisations where the baked brick plays the main role and creates a unique look.


Knack weekend cover 2
Knack Weekend: "Contemporary house of 1935"

A walking tip for architecture lovers.

A walking tip for architecture enthusiasts: at the end of the Soensenspark in Sint-Denijs-Westrem there are two special buildings next to each other. The first is newly built and stands out with see-through architecture, the second dates from 1935 and is a mix between package boat style and art deco. In one houses the new showroom of Obumex, the further has been recently renovated and shines like a nostalgic gem next to the new construction neighbor. The Two buildings have the same owner, reedfield projects. That is a project developer - but delete that word because it does their dishonor - with home base on the coast, but mostly many customers in the interior. Read the article