Taming the triangle

Trends style

"In addition to the claustra connection, there is also the gradation of surfaces. On the one hand there are the horizontally mapped edges, on the other hand there is the filling-in between the windows that has been erected vertically. This gives us a kind of panel structure where the joints are accentuated with a thin strip of natural stone, a kind of shadow joint. They are just such elements that give a building a little more. A classic promoter would say: that costs too much money, mason that bricks but just in half stone, without that expensive line of natural stone. Rietveld Bouwprojecten sees the added value of those small details. "Koen Heijse - Caan architects

Trends Style 5-10-2017 - Rietveld Projects-Pierre Paulin.jpg
Trends Style 5-10-2017 - Rietveld Projects-Pierre Paulin 2.jpg