Sabato - Open deur


Looking inside Thomas Moerman's house

Every Belgian wants to have built once in his life. Something says that I will not leave it here. The nature of the beast perhaps.

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sabato - opendeur 2.jpg

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straks up, stairs down

Through a clever use of split levels and - especially - many steps, a massive house in L-Form became an organic whole, which is also a unique experience for the residents every day.

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Follow our building sites in progress

Theo van Doesburg - 17.07.2018 - onze nieuwe RRR omheiningen. Start van het project. Penthouse sold.

Res. Pierre Paulin - 06.07.2018 - A New landmark in Sint-idesbald. Almost finished! •


Villa Felix I and Felix II -22.05.2018- Daktimmerwerken / Roof •


Res. Hans Wegner -20.03.2018- What a winter. Heating canons to make it able placing our Pur...

Res. Pierre Paulin -06.03.2012- Na 2 weken werkverlet eindelijk de chappewerken. .