Design et raffinement implantés dans les dunes

Interior VDS Family —

Rietveldprojects-Govaert&Vanhoutte-Interior VDS.jpg
Rietveldprojects-Govaert&Vanhoutte-Interior VDS4.jpg
Rietveldprojects-Govaert&Vanhoutte-Interior VDS3.jpg
Rietveldprojects-Govaert&Vanhoutte-Interior VDS2.jpg
Rietveldprojects-Govaert&Vanhoutte-Interior VDS13.jpg
Rietveldprojects-Govaert&Vanhoutte-Interior VDS11.jpg
Rietveldprojects-Govaert&Vanhoutte-Interior VDS10.jpg
Rietveldprojects-Govaert&Vanhoutte-Interior VDS8.jpg
Rietveldprojects-Govaert&Vanhoutte-Interior VDS7.jpg
Rietveldprojects-Govaert&Vanhoutte-Interior VDS6.jpg
Rietveldprojects-Govaert&Vanhoutte-Interior VDS5.jpg
Rietveldprojects-Govaert&Vanhoutte-Interior VDS9.jpg

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Res. Corbu | The Total lenght of res. Corbu is 50m. It is split in two buildings on the first...

The appartements at groundflour level are totally surrounded by the newly formed dunes and...

Rietveldhouse | It seems more like an abstract artwork with clean lines. It’s just the hall....

Rietveldhouse SDW | Always important to make a good first impression. Even in architecture...

Never tought that we would ever feature in a ‘Classic Residences’ book. But Villa de Nil is...