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CP#15 —

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The Rietveld dream of my brother and I started with long Sunday morning talks around the kitchen table of our parents. We still prefer to sit at a similar classic to have our informal meetings. •

by @callebautarchitecten by @obumex_interiors by @cafeine met als @rietveldprojects_construction

Small hide away room in our new office •

we care of our by @obumex_interiors @cafeine by @woutercallebaut @caanarchitecten @obumex_interiors by @van_den_weghe als @rietveldprojects_construction

After our X-mas holidays, back to business in our new office . •

by @cafeine by @obumex_interiors @atelier_nest_2023 by @callebautarchitecten @caanarchitecten by @gubiofficial @lightpointeurope als passie @rietveldprojects_construction

Merry X-Mas and a vibrant, inspiring 2018! Always welcome in our new office! •

we care of our @cafeine by @woutercallebaut @caanarchitecten @obumex_interiors @van_den_weghe

Res Noguchi - a white and transparant architecture in between 2 ‘typical’ buildings. Minimalistic architecture •
by by @cafeine